The SOA focuses on a summary from Oracle OpenWorld 2015. The conference market an important point for Oracle as all the Oracle PaaS services are in production, more are announced and integration starts. Let us start from the beginning of the Platform as a Service (PaaS) journey for Oracle; at last year’s OpenWorld Oracle announced several PaaS services in advance of availability. Based on Java Cloud Service, which is available for more than a year, Oracle grow the portfolio within the last 12 months. With the majority in the PaaS service, which became wildly available, the European Partners are leading the adoption to the cloud.

Let’s take a look why, with more 50% of the global specialized partners are based in Europe, it is easy for them to join the journey. Oracle offers the same middleware software on-premises as on the cloud. This enables customers and partners to adopt easy and to secure investments. Over the last 12 months, our partners have proven successful cloud adoption by building proof of concepts, projects and showcasing our PaaS service. Customer can choose from a variety of cloud service offerings and first applications at the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for example the Amis Cloud Activator Service. Oracle crossed successful the PaaS Cloud Chasm.

What is the next step in our joint cloud journey? During Oracle OpenWorld 2015 the keynotes focused on the integrated hybrid cloud. Integrated with Developer Cloud Service and also within each other. A great example is the HCL predictive maintenance showcase. The use case includes the complete flow from fault recognition, gather and diagnose information, repair and settle and schedule preventive maintenance. The whole show case was build on the Oracle PaaS Platform including IoT, Integration, Process and Mobile Cloud Service. In the upcoming months integration between cloud services will be much tighter including hybrid scenarios.

The unique Oracle value proposition are the availability of the same middleware products on-premises as services in the cloud. In case you missed it Oracle release key now on-premises versions including SOA Suite, BPM Suite and WebLogic. Key features include multi tendency in WebLogic 12.2.1, JSON support in SOA Suite 12.2.1, Java Script in Service Bus or in memory SOA, to name some of the highlights. This new version make’s hybrid solutions much easier from deploying the same Java application on a private WebLogic instance or on Java Cloud Service to shifting workload of a running application. Or to start a process in the cloud and continue the same process in a private cloud.

At the same time we see the raise of the citizen developer. Business users with technical background will be able to build dashboards in Data Virtualization Cloud Service or applications by drag and drop including integrations. This cloud adapters can be deployed anywhere on-premises, private cloud or a public cloud. Citizen developers will shift their daily work from Outlook and Excel to cloud enabled applications. At the same time we will continue to see consulting companies to build enterprise applications, for the core competences of our joint customer base, with full blown functionality, big data & warehouses and enterprise wide integration platforms. In this hybrid cloud world security is key. 

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