This the season of giving, so for this last post of the year, I am pleased to make available some of our most requested cheat sheets used internally and by various implementation partners world wide. These cheat sheets were created as part of the Oracle SOA Black Belt training sessions - advanced hands-on workshops that are available only to experienced Oracle SOA practitioners to gain deeper insight into the workings of the engine, enabling them to architect scalable solutions. If you have gone through this workshop, or have been working with the BPEL engine, I hope you will find this as a handy resource.

In case you are curious about this "black belt" workshop, here is a day-by-day blog written by one of our attendees.



SOA Black Belt Workshop, Day 1:Infrastructure Essentials

SOA Black Belt Workshop, Day 2:Engine Internals

SOA Black Belt Workshop, Day 3:Architecture Internals

SOA Black Belt Workshop, day 4: Solution areas


And if you are wondering, yes, in some locations, we actually do hand out physical black belts - thanks to Jürgen Kress' SOA Community. Follow the tweets for more pictures.


Weblogic Server Essentials Cheat Sheet (pdf)
SOA Essentials Cheat Sheet (pdf)
BPEL Service Engine Internals Cheat Sheet (pdf)
SOA Diagnostics Cheat Sheet (pdf) -- Thanks to Shawn Bailey for this one!

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